Safety policy

It is very important to us the safety of your child while bouncing and sliding in our inflatable, we make sure the first thing a customer sees upon entering our castles are the safety rules, this is to help deter and prevent misuse or abuse and the risk of injury.
All our rides have a safety chat at the entrance of the ride.
These give riders a heads up on how to be safe while enjoying the equipment Warning:

These rules must be followed to avoid serious injury:

  • Individuals with head, back or any other disabilities, pregnant women, small infants and others susceptible to injury from fall, bumps are not permitted in or on the inflatable unit.
  • An adult must operate the equipment at All times.
  • Keep children away from the blower
    No adults allowed in the bouncer
    Adult supervision is required at all times while the bouncer is in use.
  • Never leave children unattended. The customer is full responsible for the safety of the children using the equipment.
  • Do not wrestle , run, push or climb the wall.
  • Remove shoes ,eyeglasses, jewelry or any sharp object before entering the bouncer.
  • All rider must be of compatible age and weight.
  • Keep the bouncer a safe distance from fire, water, walls or other obstruction.
  • Do not exceed the recommended child capacity.
  • In the unlikely event that the blower fails ,evacuate children immediately.
  • Do not jump onto or off the unit
  • No climbing the walls of the unit.
  • Exit the unit if it begins to lose air.
  • No food, drinks, gums, pets, toys, or silly string allowed in the bouncer.
  • The bouncer must be fully inflated before any children are allowed inside and the bouncer must remain fully inflated until everyone is out.
  • Do not bounce on the slides.
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